मराठी शाळा कशी सुरु करावी?

How to start Marathi Shala in your community? This is the general help information on how to start Marathi Language Learning classes for children in North America.

  • Local Marathi Mandal can initiate the process with survey. Collect the information on number of children who wish to learn Marathi Language, age group, demographic location etc.
  • Have parents' meeting and discuss this activity. Collect names of teachers, volunteers, day and class time etc. Marathi Shala is not only limited to the classroom teaching but adjoining activities such as a summer camp, picnic, outdoor games, day trips, knowledge based Marathi movie nights, celebration of festivals and get together etc.
  • Local Mandal will have to approve a small budget for this activity. Select the premises. The cost of a rented room/hall may be shared with parents.
  • Appoint a local Marathi Shala coordinator who has strong interest and commitment in this activity and who can manage this process with help of others. Appoint the volunteer teachers based on their interest, experience and dedication. Select the venue that is convenient to everyone. Formalise the classes and collect the teaching material.
  • Advertise it within the Mandal. Make car-pooling. Regular student attendance and parent's cooperation is the key for learning Marathi Language. Generally the classes can start from mid Sept. to end of June. Summertime classes can be conducted.
  • Local Mandal must be a BMM member to receive BMM Marathi Shala curriculum and guideline binder. BMM will provide the help to set up classes and provide the teachers' training. BMM coordinator will explain the details of the curriculum, flexibility of delivering the syllabus and teaching tools used so the children can learn Marathi in a play and learn format.
  • The exams are not compulsory. The performance evaluation is given two times to the student within a year. This helps parent and teachers to communicate the child's progress.
  • Once the regular Marathi classes are established within the community then local Mandal may apply to the local school board for the use of regular classroom. This helps to bring structured learning classroom with blackboard, desks, and audio/visual equipment. Please note this application process may not be available in your area.
  • A "Snehsammelan" and student's Marathi speaking talent show can be organized at the end of year so all students get chance to stage their Marathi learning.
  • - Written by sunanda Tumne


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