Local Mandal support for Marathi Shala

How your local Mandal can support Marathi Shala activity?

Following information can help to start a new Marathi Shala or to support the existing Marathi Shala activity in your community. The main objective is to generate interest of Marathi language learning for younger generation.

• Undertake part of the support responsibility of Marathi Shala activity in your local city and peripheral community

• Establish a rapport between Marathi Shala coordinator and current Mandal executives.

• Announce the Shala activity at Mandal's program. Generally Marathi classes to be continued from Sept. to June end. Advertise it in the e-Patra or Mandal's newsletter. Motivate the parents to enrol the children in the Marathi classes.

• Provide the list of membership or assistance to the Marathi Shala coordinator so he/she can make personal contact with parents whose children are eligible to attend Marathi classes.

• Provide a table without a charge for Marathi Shala registration at the Mandal's program (Aug./Sept.)

• Help with the venue to hold the Marathi classes. Help with car pools.

• Allocate small amount of funds from Mandal's budget for Marathi Shala expenses ($200 --$500 yearly). This helps to give certificates of participation to students from Mandal, purchase Marathi teaching material, to give prizes to students or to get school supplies.

• Honour and recognise the teachers and classroom volunteers at the Mandal program who are doing such a fabulous dedicated volunteer work.

• Display the Marathi students' artwork; write ups, Diwali lanterns etc. at the Mandal program.

• Give priority of stage performance to Marathi Shala students who are participating at the Mandal's program. This helps to instigate the importance of attending Marathi Shala.

• Mandal can host children's' Marathi day camp, games or sport event, picnic, short trip to interesting places or a movie night.

• Provide to borrow audio/visual equipment, microphone system, laptop or overhead projector for Marathi Shala events or for the teaching purposes.

• Hold Marathi speaking talent show, debates, competitions and skits to encourage Marathi speaking among children.

• Present a brief report on Marathi Shala activity at Mandal's Annual General Body meeting. Show Marathi Shala expenses in Mandal's final accounts.

• Become a Brihan Maharashtra Mandal member.


- Written by Sunanda Tumne

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