Upcoming MAIYTRA Convention

The chairs of the MAIYTRA committee are excited to offer a variety of daytime and nighttime programming to help bring Marathi youth together in a fun and meaningful manner.
Aside from classics such as Snehbandhan, speed-dating, and nighttime social outings, youth attendees arriving from USA/Canada are encouraged to submit their own programming proposals for the convention, which can include but are not limited to dramas/plays, one-act plays, musicals, dance dramas, classical/fusion music concerts, stand‐up comedies, and Parisamvad. Preserving our Marathi culture and connections is important in today's dynamic world, and we are looking forward to having a great time with all of you in Providence!

For more details visit: http://www.bmm2013.org/culturalprograms/youth.html

Please contact the following people for information on the youth activities planned for the 2013 BMM Convention:
Ira Padhye - Ira.Padhye@bmm2013boston.com
Sanket Oak – Sanket.Oak@bmm2013boston.com
Aniruddha Nene – Aniruddha.Nene@bmm2013boston.com