NRIPO – Non Resident Indians Parents Organization

The organization is based in Pune. NRIPO provides emotional and social support to parents of NRIs. It provides assistance for travel arrangements and helps with medical care, cultural activities, insurance, etc.

Other Cities

Are there such organizations in cities other than Pune?

NRIPA in Vadodara

NRI Parents' Association (NRIPA) is there in Vadodara, Gujarat. Please visit for more information.

NRIPA in Vadodara (Gujarat

Similar association is active in Vadodara (Gujarat). Visit for more information. NRI Parents Association, Vadodara, Gujarat was formed on July 21, 2002 by a group of concerned NRI parents who felt the need to promote the Association with following aims and objectives. NON RESIDENT INDIANS PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION is abbreviated as “NRIPA” where each letter in the word “NRIPA” has significant meaning expressing Nationality, Rationality, Idealism, Parity and Amity. * N’s nourishes Nationality * R’s radiates Rationality * I’s infuses Idealism * P’s promotes Parity * A’s activates Amity AIMS AND OBJECTIVES * To promote fellowship goodwill and mutual support among members and others. * To build a network of support in the areas of Health Care, Help in Ageing Processes, Cultural and Spiritual, legal help for protecting rights to properties and assets. * To utilize the expertise, experience and resources of parents and their children for the benefit of the society at large.

NRIPA in bangalore

This is another organization like NRIPO and is functioning well. Contact them directly:
Mr. Janardan, President +91 98865 29233.


Yes, there are other NRIPO organizations in maharashtra.
One is being formed in New Jeresey.
Anand Joshi


Yes Aurangabad Maharashtra has formed NRI PARENTS ASSOCIATION and joined the CONFEDERATION OF NRIP organisations/organisations being formed on all India basis, I will be happy to have the contact details of NRIPA NEW JERSEY Our email id is