2017 BMM Scholarship Award Project

BMM is proud to announce the ‘Scholarship Awards’ a new initiative for its youth members. In 2017 to encourage our youth members and promote their active engagement with activities of Marathi Mandals and nurture their identity as next pan- Marathi generation, BMM will award five scholarships of $1,000 each at the BMM 2017 convention in Grand Rapids.

Any student who will be a entering a four year degree college or an accredited two year community college or is currently in the first year of their college education is eligible to win this award. We are looking for students with excellent academic record, broad out of classroom activities that complement their learning and are engaged in actively preserving their sense of culture, identity and heritage.
Details of the project are as follows:

• The Scholarships will be awarded bi-annually at the time of the 2017 Convention.

• BMM will provide 5 scholarships to entering first year students pursuing college education. The Scholarships award will be around $1000 per recipient.

• BMM could solicit donors to provide funds for the scholarship project.

• Scholarships will be awarded based upon:
o Letter of acceptance to a 4 year degree college,
o Latest transcripts (first term of the senior year) from the high school documenting GPA
o Evidence of the standardized test scores (SAT and/or ACT),
o A Personal Statement
o An essay or video presentation*
o A recommendation from two members of the local BMM registered Marathi Mandal.
o Endorsement from the President of the local BMM registered Marathi Mandal that the applicant or the parents/guardians of the applicant are members of such Mandal for the current year (see draft)

*The presentation of essay or video topic should
o describe the applicant’s work on ‘Engaging youth in the preservation of Marathi culture through language, art, traditions
o applicant’s ideas and insights in growing the participation and involvement of younger generation within the activities of Maharashtra Mandals or BMM
• Applications for Scholarship may be submitted from the March 1st through April 30th 2017
• BMM President will announce the scholarship decisions to all participants in early June
• BMM will publish information through BMM Vrutta, BMM email updates, BMM Face book page
• The Scholarship awards will be presented at the July convention

• Please submit all your documents to Ajay Houde at

BMM Scholarship Committee:
BMM President will nominate three independent community members to serve on the committee. BMM EC member can assist the review committee as requested. Review Committee will present its recommendation to BMM President, who will make the final decisions in consultation with BMM Board of Advisors.
BMM Scholarship Committee selection: BMM President will invite nominations and finalize the committee. The three person committee could be comprised of:
• Any individual who has served in some capacity in the BMM organization either current or in the previous years
• Any Individual from the BMM community who is a subject matter expert (Faculty or Administrative member in a Higher Education institution)
• BMM-Maiytra Liaison

2015 ‘Scholarship Awards’ result:
Suchir Karmarkar, New Jersey
Nishaad Navkal, Chicago
Sanchita Mahoorkar, Houston
Rucha Pandit, Washington DC
Omkar Shende, Detroit

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