Past BMM Conventions

- Journey of Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal -
From 1981 Onwards

1981 Brief Overview
Established by Vishnu Vaidya, Sharad Godbole, Jayashree
Huparikar in Chicago

Started monthly BMM Newsletter – Editor – Jayashree Huparikar




First Business and Social Convention – Chicago


  • Chief Guest – Business Convention – Raosaheb Gogate,
  • Social Convention – Writer D. M. Mirasdar
  • Chief Coordinator – Vishnu Vaidya
  • Attendance – 250
  • Major Programs – Natya Sangeet by Anand Gandharva,
    One act show – "Varhad Nighalaya Londonla"
    by Laxman Deshpande



Second Convention – Toronto


  • Chief Guest Samajvadi Party Leader – Nanasaheb Gore
  • Sponsor – Toronto Bhashik Mandal
  • Chief Coordinator – Shriram Mulgund
  • Attendance – 500
  • Major Programs – Entertainment Program and Drama
"Sakkhe Shejari" Directed by Ashok Kamerkar, Disco for the kids, Many interesting discussion sessions,
Detail report was published in a brochure form.

  • Registration Fee - $ 25 per person
  • Held in High School Auditorium, Lunch and dinner was served

Shriram Mulgund was elected as the president of BMM


Mohan Ranade and Vidya Hardikar-Sapre became the new editors
of BMM Newsletter. Publication moved to Philadelphia from Chicago. Newspaper was converted from hand written to computerized fonts developed by Madhav Deshpande, Detroit.



Third Convention– New Jersey – Sponsored jointly by three Mandals –New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia,



  • Chief Coordinator – Dr. Deodatta Bendre
  • Chief Guest P. L. Deshpande
  • Other dignitaries – Mayor of Lodi, NJ, Sister Kaasimir of Felician College, Nanasaheb Gore, Sharad Pawar, Manohar Joshi, Sai Paranjape, Poet N. D. Mahanor, Industrialist Raosaheb Gogate, Ajit
  • Gulabchand, Maratha Chamber of Commerce secretary Dr. Sabade
  • Attendance – 2500
  • Major Programs – Entertainment Program – "Mridgandha" Directed by Ashok Kamerkar, Drama "Ashi Pakhare Yeti": Directed by Dr. Vijay Pradhan, "Kavya Vachan" by Suneeta and P. L. Deshpande,
  • Registration Fee - $ 35 per person
  • Held in Felician College campus, Lodi NJ
  • People honored – Mathematician – Dr. Narendra Karmarkar, Marathi font developer Dr. Madhav Deshpande, Dr. Vasant Karmarkar – World Bank Director, Dr. Vijay Joshi – Internationally recognised pathologist and specialist on pediatric AIDS

Detail brochure before and after the convention was published



BMM Newsletter started using fonts developed by Shrikrishna Patil, San Jose, CA.

Mr. Manohar Deodhar, ex news editor of Maharashtra Times, Mumbai became the major correspondent in India.

Concept of Life membership for the newspaper was initiated.




Fourth Convention– Detroit, Sponsored by Detroit Marathi Mandal


  • Chief Guest Writer V. P.Kale
  • Chief Coordinator Dr. Suresh Bilolikar
  • Other dignitaries – Madhav Gadkari,
  • Attendance – 1800
  • Major Programs – Katha Kathan by V. P. Kale, Entertainment Program, Drama "Choo Mantar"
  • Registration Fee $ 45
  • Held in Athens High School, Troy, MI
  • People honored – Social worker from Phaltan, Maharshtra; Maxine Bernstein, Food Technologist from Brazil; Vinaykumar Patwardhan, Businessman from Ottowa; Dr. Vijay Dhawale, Medical profession; software developer Arun Rele, Research Scientist Dr. Yeshwant Karkhanis, Catheret inventor Dr. Sakharam Mahurkar


Other important events - book stalls, special issue of weekly Lokaprabha from Mumbai,

First BMM directory was published.


Fifth Convention– Long Beach, CA, Sponsored by Los Angeles Marathi Mandal


  • Chief Guest Prof. Shivajirao Bhosale
  • Coordinator Dr. Vishwanath Date
  • Other dignitaries – Singer Sudhir Phadke, Ambassador Abid Hussain,
  • Attendance - 2000
  • Major Programs – One act play competiton, Music program by Gopal Marathe and Shobha
Ambegaonkar, Drama "Rayagadala Jeva Jaag Yete", Music Program by Anupama Dalal,

  • Registration Fee $ 60
  • Held in Long Beach convention center,
  • People Honored: Singer Gopal Marathe, Sudhir Phadke

    Other important events – Youth organised programs, business convention and stalls, tee shirt and other souvenir sale, sit down banquet dinner, hotel rooms instead of home arrangement. Mr. Mohan Ranade was elected President for two year term

  • 1992

    Vidya Hardikar-Sapre retired as the editor of the BMM Newsletter. Sheela Pimplaskar, Philadelphia, became the new editor.

    BMM president Mohan Ranade visited India and held a press conference about BMM programs, gave a lecture on All India Radio, Bombay and many newspaper interviews. During his tenure visited 12 Marathi Mandals during their programs. Visited Houston to assist in planning of the convention.

    First BMM sponsored tour of the artist from Maharshtra – Arun Date and the troup. 24 performances in two months. Mr. Subhash Damle, Las Angeles, organized the tour for BMM.



    Sixth Convention Baltimore, MD, Sponsored by Washington Kala Mandal


    • Chief Guest - Actress and director Mrs. Vijaya Mehta, Industrialist Mr. Pratap Shirke, Mr. Pratap Pawar,
    • Coordinator Mrs. Malini Joglekar and Mr. Shrikrishna Pandit
    • Other dignitaries - Mayor of Baltimore Kirt Schmoke, Senator from Maryland Barbara Mikluski,
    • Attendance - 5500
    • Major Programs – Natya Sangeet by Asha Khadilkar, Orchestra by Marathi and other youth organized by Arun Bagal, Drama "Sarja", Special program "Time trek Maharashtra"
    • Registration Fee $ 75
    • Held at Baltimore convention center, Baltimore, MD
    • People Honored BMM founders Vishnu Vaidya, Sharad Godbole and Jayashree Huparikar, Iraq war participant Col. Dr. Deshmukh, Industrialist from Rochester Sudhakar Dixit, Maharashtra Foundation founder Yeshwant Kanitkar, Marathi font developer Shrikrishna Patil, Ms. Nanda Chitre - Special Asst. to President Clinton

    Other important events – A supplement to the directory was published, Book and and other business expo. Dr. Suresh Bilolikar was elected as the President for the two years.



    Mohan Ranade, Sheela Pimplaskar and Manohar Deodhar, Mumbai retired as the editors of BMM Newsletter. Dr. Suresh Bilolikar and Devdutta Kulkarni became new editors. Sakal Papers became the correpondent from India.

    MAIYTRA- organization of young Maharashtrians was formed – Ranju Sangvai and Varsha Bilolikar were the Co-Presidents of MAIYTRA. Held first MAIYTRA convention in Cincinnati.

    Artists from Maharshtra – Play "Mishkili" featuring Suresh Lhare, Sudhir Gadgil, Smita Talwalkar and Swaroop Khopkar

    "Gagana Gandh Aala" Srikant Pargaonkar and Anuradha Marathe and the troup


    Seventh Convention– Houston, TX, sponsored by Houston Marathi Mandal


    • Chief Guest - Writer Prof. Gangadhar Gadgil
    • Coordinator – Pralhad Gad, Jyoti Kulkarni, Ravi Marathe.
    • Other dignitaries – Chief Minister of Maharashtra Manohar Joshi, Poet Sudhir Moghe, Compere Mangala Khadilkar
    • Attendance - 2200
    • Major Programs – Solo Harmonium by Dr. Vidyadhar Oak, Natyasangeet by Dr. Kshama Vaidya, Drama by Dilip Prabhavalkar " Chookbhool dyavi ghyavi" with Neena Kulkarni, Closing ceremony by Sudhir Moghe "Mee Vishwacha aahe"
    • Registration Fee $ 75
    • Held at George Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX
    • People Honored – BMM President Shriram Mulgund, Maharashtra Foundation

    Other important events – Business convention, Books and business exhibition, Dr. Hanumant Deshmukh elected President.






    MAIYTRA Convention was held in Toronto.

    BMMart was established as a marketing wing of the BMM. Artist from Maharshtra - Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Padmakar Gowaikar "Mungi Udali aakashi"





    Eighth convention Boston, MA sponsored by New England Marathi Mandal


    • Chief Guest – Lata Mangeshkar
    • Coordinator – Dr. Sudhakar Welankiwar
    • Other dignitaries – Babasaheb Purandare, Prof. Ram Shewalkar, Hridaynath Mangeshkar
    • Attendance - 3500
    • Major Programs – Play "Janata Raja", Music Program –
      "Amrutacha Ghanu," Drama – "Char Divas Premache", Lecture by Babasaheb Purandare

    • Registration Fee $ 100
    • Held at Hynes Convention Center, Boston
    • People Honored - Kala Bhavan founder Dr. Meena Nerurkar, BMM Presidents Mohan Ranade and Dr. Suresh Bilolikar, Industrialist Suhas Patil, MAIYTRA Co ordinator Varsha Bilolikar and Arun Sangavai,

    Other important events – Business convention, Three one act plays, Moreshwar Purandare was elected President






    MAIYTRA convention was held in San Fransisco

    Artists from India – Actor Shreekant Moghe, Singers Sawani and Bela Shende


    BMM Silicon Valley Convention 1999

    It was one of a kind convention organized by 100+ volunteers working very hard for 1 and half year. It will be remembered forever. It will be remembered for keynote speech, Kirtan by Kirtankar Aphale, superb opening and closing ceremony, workshops on very interesting topics, business and medical conference, Asha Bhosale night, Madhuri Dixit and Ashwini Bhave's appearance, Khel Mandiyela, Ranangan , Ekankikaas, Youth Programs, great food stalls, exhibition, classical music and for many many more.
    2000 MAIYTRA took place in Marriott in New York on 4th July weekend. Over 600 Marathi youth enjoyed the gala function.

    Santoor player Dr. Dhananjay Daithanker, Kathak dancer Dr. Swai Daithankar and Tabla player Ramdas Palsule toured the US and performed in various cities.

    Shivshahir Shri Babasaheb Purandare and his personal secretary Shri Prataprao Tipre visited the US. 17 cities - small and big - had the opportunity to attend the lectures and slide presentation.




    Tenth convention was held in Telus Convention Center, Calgary, Canada. It was a true BMM convention and BMM took the full financial responsibility. CAMB was the local host. It was carried out as a joint effort of a small local mandal with BMM support. The delegates were given complimentary copy of the BMM directory. There was no banquet dinner. However, there was a donor appreciation luncheon for the donors whose generous help made the convention a reality.



    • Chief Guest: Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
    • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Abhay Bang
    • Coordinator: Dr. Jagannath Wani
    • Other dignitaries: Honarable Shri Manohar Joshi and the JMCCI delegates, Mr. Clint Dunford (Alberta Minister of Human Resources and Employment),
      Opposition Leader Nitin Gadkari, Dr. Nitu Mandke, Shri Kumar Ketkar

    • Attendance: 1200
    • Major Programs: Play "Waaryaa Warachi Waraat by Bay Area artists
      Suyog Production "Nandaa Saukhyabhare" starring Dilip Prabhavalkar, Vijay Kenkre, Vandana Gupte and Bharati Acharekar
    • Music Program: "Manik-Moti" by Chaurang. Artists included Rani Verma, Bharti Achrekar, Nilaxi Pendharkar, Sucheta Athlyekar and other talented musicians.
    • Registration Fee: $100 for general registration. There were donor categories also.
    • Souvenir: "Aakanksha Unlimited" was published at the convention. Shri Vinayak Gokhale, Vidyullekha Aklujkar and Pratibha Gokhale managed to bring out this beautiful issue.
    • People honored: Following are the people selected for BMM awards.
      Categories were - Mayboli, marathi natak, other marathi activities, science, culture and special award for children.
      BMM received 13 nominations


    Other important events – Business convention, Books and business exhibition, Dr. Hanumant Deshmukh elected President.

    Here are the awardees.

    1. Mayboli : Pradyna and Sudhir Ambekar (Running Marathi school for 12 years)
    2. Sangeet : Dr. Balvant N. Dixit , Pittsburgh (He has big accomplishment list for Musical activities)
    3. Marathi Natya srushti: Ashok Kamerkar
    4. Culture : Kaustubh Lele
    5. Other Marathi activities: Dilip Chitre (film festival +++)
    6. Special award: Shantanu Tata
    7. Science: Arun Shirole

    Judges were Neelima Kulkarni, Sandhya Deshpande and Shaila Vidwans.

    Also Vinayak Gokhale was recognized for his priceless contributions to publication of Ekta and Kishore Pathare was recognized for his enormous contributions towards this convention as well as his support for BMM for many years in the past.

    Other important events: Business convention, CME, Exhibition of paintings by artists Shri Sujan Rane, Three one act plays, book publications of writers from North America. For the BMM delegates MSSO had organized pre function program "Tichyaa Aai chi Gosht" and "Whay Mee Savitri" by Sushama Deshpande.

    Vandana Tilak of Los Angeles was elected new President