Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America.


Upcoming Events & Initiatives

Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America has planned FB & Youtube Live events. Stay tuned to our social channels to get updates.

Key Activities of BMM

Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (BMM) is an umbrella organization of all Marathi organizations across North America.

BMM Reshimgathee

Reshimgathee is an online Matrimonial site for all eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Generally, some common things looked for in the match are Personality, Temperament, common hobbies which are very important.

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BMM Shala

BMM is proud to have “Marathi Shala” as a premier project in North America. All BMM member Mandal has undertaken the initiative of “Marathi Language Learning” and they are conducting “Shala” classes locally.

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BMM Uttar Rang

Our life has also 2 phases: Life until the age of 50 and life beyond the age of 50. Uttar Rang is a BMM initiative designed for senior citizens. We are holding many activities and informative sessions under Uttarang Initiative.

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BMM Youth

We want to provide the youth with a permanent platform for sharing ideas and present them with a sense of financial freedom, independence, & accountability. We endeavor to offer some programs for the next 2 years, for the youth in our community.

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BMM 2022 Convention (New Jersey)

Marathi Vishwa is proud to host the BMM Convention 2022 in New Jersey

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