BMM Youth

We have established a Youth Panel run by youth which will undertake many initiatives from गप्पा-गोष्टी ते रेशीमगाठी. Which will include:- Revamping MAIYTRA, (Maharashtrian Association of Indian Youth Together Representing America), Steam project, Youth and senior citizen Bonding, Formation of a separate committee for teens and youth programming, रेशीमगाठी: We will be starting BMM Matrimonial website soon as well we will be starting Vadhu Var melava activity twice a year.

Brief Overview

We want to provide the youth with a permanent platform for sharing ideas and present them with a sense of financial freedom, independent responsibility, and accountability. We will endeavor to offer some programs for the next two years, for the youth in our community. Guidance, organization, and networking – The transmission of this triad is significant for the younger generation. We have a brilliant and talented youth. There is a need to provide information on new educational options:- for middle school and high school students, information on college courses, admission process, available opportunities, and scholarships.

Other Objectives

In addition to this, youths who are proficient in the field of art or those who are passionate about social work, we want to provide a broader platform, organize annual competitions across North America. Activities such as STEAM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) is part of this platform. Another is creating a BMM APP to make this information accessible to more people — building bridges between the Maharashtrian entrepreneurs and professionals for further opportunities between them and the Maharashtrian youth. We are launching रेशीमगाठी program: for bringing together prospective brides and grooms from the Maharashtrian community (from a marriage perspective) through a website and regional meetings. To provide a platform for publishing articles, white papers, updates on Youth initiatives, we will be launching a monthly Digital Yuva Newsletter. Also, we are initiating ढोल ताशा learning program for youths.

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