Dr. Vinata Kulkarni

Editor BMM Newsletter | Chicago, IL

Vinata has been involved in various social, cultural, and charitable organizations’ volunteer work over 15+ years such as:
– Editorship: For monthly Publication- Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal North America (Editor),
Rachana-Quarterly Publication, Maharashtra Mandal Chicago (for 4 years), Snehabandh-
Quarterly Publication, Marathi Bhashik Mandal, Toronto Canada, and Website Assistance (2 years)
– Volunteer Child Find Canada (2006)
– President, Marathi Bhashik Mandal, Toronto Canada (2008)
– Board of Directors, Maharashtra Foundation, New Jersey (2009-2013)
– American Red Cross, Illinois Chapter, Disaster Action Team Volunteer: (2010- present).
– Vinata has an avid interest in Marathi and English literature, and writes in some publications in India and North America, since past 15+ years.
– By profession, she is a university professor in Statistics and Computer Science for Masters and Doctoral degree program. She has authored 3 books in English, published by Nirali, Pune, relevant to Academic/University degree level courses-for ’Quantitative Techniques’, and has written 3 books in Marathi, published by Granthali Prakashan, Mumbai. These books are- व्यक्तिवेध कार्यवेध- ‘क्षितिज पश्चिमेचे’ (2013), ललित लेखसंग्रह- ठसे आठवांचे (2017), अनुवादित कादंबरी- पुस्तकचोर (२०१८).