Vidya Joshi

Ex President | Chicago, IL

Doctor by profession in India, practiced as a Family Physician for 10 years, pursued MBA in health care administration from the USA, Currently working as Health Service Administrator in Chicago, Published book, ‘Homeopathic Ek Veradan’, sharing the perspective on the advancements in Homeopathy. She also served as BMM EC 2017-2019 as secretary and was also in the BMM Convention Committee 2017-2019.

Acting, Dancing (Kathak training), Poetry, Writing, Public Speaking are her hobbies and Passions. She brings a wide range of experience to BMM from her effective and motivating leadership at Maharashtra Mandal Chicago.

Was Part of Chicago BMM Convention organizing Committee focused on North America Programs. Have served Maharashtra Mandal Chicago in the capacity of Vice President, President, and Trustee, BMM Representative.

Founded Chicago Marathi Shala in 2014 ,Established 2 branches with 96 Students on Board. Helped Chicago Marathi Shala to get Illinois State of Board Approval, which recognizes Chicago Marathi Shala as a foreign language school in the state of Illinois. This paves the path for our students to earn high school credit under the seal of Biliteracy. This was recognized in BMM 2017 with BMM award for the category of Marathi Shala teacher.

In addition to her involvement in MMC and BMM, she has expanded horizons with other diverse projects like, Ekjut organization for woman empowerment. Her overall goal is to make the Marathi heritage a bigger part of our lives here in the US.